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Mandy Randles

We can't say enough about our amazing experience with Jump Start Preschool! Our daughter has loved her experience with the wonderful teaching staff. Their care and compassion is to be commended! She felt safe and happy each day walking into their aesthetically pleasing classroom. The bright colors, stations and warm atmosphere makes it a delight each morning! The social component has been amazing but the academics are also top-notch. I would highly recommend their preschool for your child. It's been a wonderful first start to her educational career!

Kim Swiantek

We are so lucky to have such a high quality preschool in our area. Our youngest daughter started with the 2 day preschool program this past year & will continue on to the 3 day pre k for the upcoming school year.

The teachers are extremely skilled, caring, & dedicated to each student & family. The lines of communication are 100% open through call, text, email, & the private cell phone app, where they share pictures/videos after each class.

We cannot recommend Jumpstart highly enough!

Grateful Nana 

Our first year at preschool could not have been better! Jump Start preschool gave my grandson room to grow at his own pace in a nurturing environment. After 30+ years of teaching I know how much time the dedicated teachers at Jump Start put into planning creative, educational and fun activities. We feel lucky to be part of Jump Start Preschool and can’t wait for next year! 

Kristine Frankenberry 

When we moved to Chardon, we began the search for a preschool for our youngest child. 

I was losing confidence when I stumbled upon Jump Start.  The conversation I had with Miss Nadina and Miss Mekaylie was such a breath of fresh air! The classroom was bright and clean and with many appropriate educational resources, They answered without hesitation, all of my questions. The play spaces were perfect. Our daughter thrived. There was no hesitation to enroll her for Pre-K at Jump Start  as their team grew.  I loved seeing  our little one jump into a hug with her most favorite teachers left us feeling at ease for the time she was in school, and we looked forward to hearing how her day went, and seeing pictures of her engaging in age-appropriate curriculum and activities, while making lifelong friends. 

Megan Nappo

I love everything about Jump Start, my two kids love it. The teachers are wonderful, the best part is we get to see pictures of our kids after every class.  

Helen Wilson 

We love Jump Start for so many reasons. My daughter has learned so much in her first year in the pre k program . All of the teachers are wonderful and truly care about all the children . My daughter loves to attend school and she is looking forward to the upcoming school year . 

Dawn Schaubert 

My family has been a part of the Jumpstart family for the past two years. I write “family” because that is how the entire staff makes you feel as soon as you walk through the doors. Their joy of life and love of children is apparent in everything that they do. 

As a former teacher, I am so pleased at how prepared my daughter is for kindergarten this fall. In her two years of preschool, she has blossomed from a very shy four-year old learning her letters and numbers to a social six-year old who is already reading and adding/subtracting! 

Jumpstart Preschool’s daily curriculum strikes a perfect balance between routine that kids crave and flexibility to allow for spur of the moment learning opportunities. My daughter never wanted to miss a day of school. She enjoyed each day there, and she knew she was well-loved. We are so thankful for the two years that our daughter has spent there. 


Kelly Hirsh 

There is nothing better than Jump Start Preschool! Jump Start provided my child with an amazing introduction to school. The play based education offers more than just academic achievement. Our daughter’s teachers have fostered her love for learning. She was always excited to go to school and Mrs. Nadina and Miss Mekaylie are like family to us.  

Leah Gongola

Jump Start Preschool is the best! Staff are nurturing, child-centered, and genuinely passionate about meeting kids where they are at. Activities are creative and focus on skill building across areas. The Jump Start Team takes a focused approach to ensure families are well informed and know that their kids are happy and safe. The details and the love and concern speak volumes about the Jump Start Team’s dedication to their preschoolers!

Brittany Baker

As a family who has had two sons attended Jump Start preschool, the growth each of them experienced in just one year was phenomenal! The interactive learning environment was extremely valuable for our boys, they thrived in the way Nadina and team run Jump Start! Thankfully our youngest son gets to attend a second year of preschool and he can’t wait to be in the new school with Miss Mekaylie and Mrs. Kristen!  

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