Miss Sandi and Miss Kisha 801-510-5562 or 801-510-8851

Jumpstart Preschool

A young mind is like gelatin, the idea is ..... to put in lots of good stuff before it sets!

About our program:

  • Developmentally appropriate practices
  • Letter and sound recognition
  • Fun, creative, hands-on learning
  • Academics - math, science, reading, art, music, etc.
  • Emphasis on Life Skills and Problem Solving
  • New facility located in Bountiful
  • Monthly tuition of $100.00 Classes are two days a week for 3 hours per day.

Field Trips (included in cost of monthly tuition)

These are a few examples:

  • Apple Orchard
  • Chuck E. Cheese's
  • Arctic Circle
  • Veterinarian's Office
  • Kangaroo Zoo
  • Dentist's Office
  • The Pumpkin Patch
  • Grocery Store Tour
  • Movie Theater Tour
  • Children's Museum
  • Wheeler Farm
  • Hill Aerospace Museum
  • Fire Station